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Tree Trimming

Trimming your tree will not only improve the tree aesthetically, but it also makes the tree healthier and improve its life span. BrushKing® offers numerous products for the tree trimming industry, including shearing knives, saws, and pruners. With a Brushking® product for tree trimming and pruning, you will have the healthiest and best looking trees out there!

Shearing a Christmas Tree with BrushKing® Industry
Man harvesting black grapes in the vineyard


When it comes to keeping your vineyard well maintained, choosing the industries best pruning equipment is essential. Luckily, BrushKing® offers a wide range of FELCO® hand tools to make pruning your vineyards easy and efficient. We carry over 15 types of FELCO® pruners, each with unique, high quality features and capabilities. We also offer a broad selection of hand saws to remove branches and improve plant growth. All BrushKing® saw blades are taper ground with higher blade thickness in the teeth area, improving strength and minimizing binding in the cuts.


BrushKing® offers FELCO® pruners which are purposefully designed to make clean cuts to branches and stems. When it comes to maintaining your vegetable or fruit garden, rely only on the high quality FELCO® blades. Preparing for planting season? Don’t forget to stock up on hand saws and pole saws to remove debris from fields or hard-to-reach tree branches. With a Brushking® product for every application on the farm, you can grow with confidence this season.

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Large Legal Marijuana Farm Professional Commercial Grade Greenhouse Filled With Mature Budding Cannabis Indica Plants

Cannabis Cultivation

If you are a professional Cannabis grower, you need the right tools to keep your plants healthy. One of the industries best products for cannabis cultivation are pruners. While it may seem that growing conditions are the only important factor in producing healthy plants, pruners can also drastically improve your crop. Pruners not only make your plants look aesthetically pleasing, using pruners correctly will enhance the yield and health of your cannabis plants. At BrushKing®we offer an extensive range of FELCO® pruners to help with your cultivation needs.


At BrushKing®, we understand that landscaping is more than just gardening, and we want to celebrate the art of landscaping by offering superior tools to those in the industry. A few landscaping products we offer are pruners, shearing knives, and pouches. By using BrushKing® products, your landscaping projects will be completed with ease!

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Banana tree with bunch of growing ripe green bananas, plantation rain-forest background.

Banana Plantations

Banana trees need to be regularly maintained to improve the overall quality of the crop. BrushKing® offers three products commonly used in banana plantations: shearing knives, pruners, and saws. Each of our product lines are used for unique tasks on banana plantations.

Official BrushKing® Products

View our full line of Official BrushKing® shearing knives (also know as Christmas tree knives), saws, cutters, pruners and accessories.