BrushKing® For Banana Plantations

 Shearing Knives, Pruners, and Hand Saws for every application.

BrushKing® Shearing Knives

As banana trees produce a lot of leaves, you need to use a fairly strong tool when it comes to removing diseased or dead leaves. While some use machetes, we recommend a serrated edge shearing knife. Serrated edge blades cut through leaves quickly and are great tools when it comes to shaping your plant the way you desire. BrushKing® has eight different serrated edge shearing knives that are all made in Germany and have unique capabilities. As shearing knives are reasonably lightweight and designed for efficiency, these tools are ideal when caring for large banana plantations.

83PS-16/20 BrushKing® USA Stainless Steel Razor Edge Shearing Knife Pine Shaper with Shrink Tube - Tree Trimming Tools
83PS-16 BrushKing® USA Stainless Steel Razor Edge Shearing Knife Pine Shaper | Tree Trimming Tools
83RL-16/18 BrushKing® USA Stainless Steel Razor Edge Shearing Knife | Comprehensive Shaping & Pruning Solutions | Tree Trimming Tools
83RB-16/10 BrushKing® German Stainless Steel Shearing Knife | Comprehensive Tree Shaping & Pruning Solutions
83PS-16 BrushKing® USA Stainless Steel Razor Edge Shearing Knife Pine Shaper with Shrink Tube | Comprehensive Tree Shaping & Pruning Solutions
83RK-16 BrushKing® German Stainless Steel Serrated Edge Shearing Knife | Banana Plantations

BrushKing® Pruners

By pruning your banana trees, you will increase growth and improve yields. Pruners are excellent tools for cutting individual leaves that appear to be wilted or damaged. By leaving damaged tools on your tree, it can affect the overall health of your tree and reduce yield. BrushKing® offers a range of pruners that can be used for tree care. We carry a range of FELCO® pruners and two of our own pruners, all of which are designed specifically for certain tasks. Check out our product range to determine which pruner is best suited to your banana tree needs.

BrushKing® Hand Saws

After harvest, the stem of a banana tree is often cut back to prepare for the next season. One of the most efficient ways to cut down the stem of the tree is to use a hand saw. However, it is crucial to use a saw with a sharp blade to make the process efficient. BrushKing® offers five different types of hand saws, which each have durable and sharp blades. Our pruning saws have a sharpness that is equal to a high-quality knife blade.

Banana Plantations

The Importance of Pruning in Banana Plantations

To get the most success out of your banana plantation, taking care of each tree is crucial. Like most fruit trees, banana trees need to be regularly maintained to improve the overall quality of the crop. By using BrushKing® shearing knives, pruners, and saws, your trees will be of the highest quality.

Official BrushKing® Products

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