BrushKing® offers a full assortment of pruning saws, for every cut from root to treetop.


Our folding saws come in 3 blade sizes (7″, 8.25″, and 9.5″) and are made from high carbon steel that is polished and hard chrome-plated for greater hardness and rust resistance. The handle is made from light-weight aluminum with a plastic and rubber grip for comfort.

Folding Saws-01.png

BrushKing┬« offers several options of high-quality hand saws, with a polished hard chrome plating and a pitch of 7 points per inch. Choose from a 13″ or 14″ curved blade, both with our without a hook at the end. Hook ends keep the blade from exiting the cut, to make aligning the next pass easier. Most options come with an aluminum handle, but wood is available upon request.


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For greater reach, we also offer a pole-mounted pruning system. Our 13-inch curved saw blades (with or without a hook end) can be mounted on our pole saw head (or virtually any saw head on the market). Our 6-foot poles have the ability to connect and extend the user’s reach up to 12 feet. We also offer a pruner head that is rope-operated to slice through hard-to-reach branches with ease.

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