Shearing knives from BrushKing┬« are the industry standard in “Christmas tree knives” – the long, thin-bladed shears that can trim a pine tree to the desired shape within minutes. Every tree farm or arbor enthusiast will have different preferences for the perfect knife, and BrushKing’s system allows for that customization.


The first step is to choose from 4 different blades:



There are 3 options of razor-edged blades, and one with a serrated edge.


Once you’ve identified the best blade for your job, you will choose from one of four different handle lengths.



The last step is to determine whether your knife needs a 3.5″ shrink tube handle at the base (over the rivets).

Shrink Tube.png


Your BrushKing® knife is now ready to shear! We stock all parts in house, so your knife will stand the test of time. If your handle or blade breaks, you lose a rivet, or need an extra length of shrink tube, these pieces are all available for purchase from stock. We also carry sharpeners for your razor-edge blades.



Contact us today, and ask about our comprehensive list of products for your industry!